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Terry Holman

I started my career in 1980 as a life insurance agent. After a couple of years, I became a stockbroker with one of the large New York brokerage firms. I always had a love for helping a client with all their needs, not just stocks. I focused on financing planning, which at that time was all new.

The best way to describe what I do for clients is to tell you about last week. I met with a lady who was referred to me by her brother, 82 years old, and had lost 40% of her money in the stock market and was afraid to go out to eat with her friends because she did not want to run out of money. I put together a cash flow plan and was able to increase her income another $500 a month. That might not sound a lot to you, but her comment to me was that she can now go out to eat with her friends.

My next meeting that week was with two brothers that owned a large construction company that had made over 2 million each in the last year. They had no tax planning in place leaving them to pay a lot of money in taxes. They were scheduled to make over 3 million each that year. I put in a plan with the help of several tax experts, and we cut their taxes in half. We created a strategy where they will be their own baker with tax free money in a matter of 2-3 years.
My love is putting together plans and ideas to help my clients meet their goals.

With the stock market losing like it is I don’t see much upside for my clients for a while. I have put together a team of people that is investing in very safe real estate programs that give the client safety and above market returns, getting them out of the roll-coaster ride of the market.

I’ve been married 54 years to Darlene and have 2 daughters with their husbands, 11 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandaughte3r. My eldest daughter and her husband, Heather and Bradley, work in the business with me. All I can say is that they have all grown up way too fast. Darlene and I love to travel and spend time with the kids. I play golf and pickleball.

business development manager

Heather Holman Hughes

Heather is the mother of three teenagers, ages 16-22, and is the eldest daughter of Terry and Darlene Holman. Heather is an energetic personality who wears multiple hats in our firm. She handles a wide range of administrative and executive support-related tasks. Heather keeps the office well organized and flexible and enjoys the managerial challenges of supporting an office of diverse people. She coordinates office administration procedures and ensures organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and safety. As office manager, Heather develops intra-office communication protocols, streamlines administrative procedures, inventory control, office staff supervision, and task delegation. She has excellent communication and interpersonal skills and enjoys interacting with staff, clients, and their families.

associate advisor

Bradley Hughes

Bradley has 26 years of experience in personal the financial and insurance advisement industry. He has worked with over 10,000 families in constructing plans for their investments, insurance, and retirement needs. Bradley has a fun-spirited, approachable personality and clients appreciate his down to earth, no-pressure style. He is married to Heather Holman Hughes and he enjoys traveling, fly-fishing, and hobby collections.

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