Planning Strategies

Bank-Funded Retirement Plan (Velocity Insured Personal Pension)

What are the Bank-Funded Retirement Plan (VIPP)? 

Our Bank-Funded Retirement Plan (Velocity Insured Personal Pension) is an alternative to traditional retirement strategies. While a lot of stress and anxiety is created by traditional retirement plans like IRAs and 401Ks, our Bank-Funded Retirement Plan is a type of strategy that the wealthy 1% of Americans have been using for over 100 years.

Instead of putting all the risk and decisions on you, we have large banks promise to fund your retirement and leverage their money to do the heavy lifting. Several of our clients fund their VIPP in as few as 1-2 manageable annual payments, and that’s all it takes.

Investment Details

Length of Time Until Funded: 1-2 annual payments

Promised Return: Pays out yearly, tax free

Minimum Investment: $30,000